Polished Concrete & Hiperfloor

What is polished concrete?

By choosing polished concrete — the most modern, eco-friendly and cost-effective flooring option available today — you have taken a right step towards an alternative flooring for your project. Often called the perfect building material, polished concrete is a decorative flooring option that is not only durable and cost effective but also trendy.

An innovative and economical flooring, polished concrete is extremely popular in a variety of applications. It involves a mechanical grinding and polishing process where industrial diamonds are used to cut the top surface of the concrete exposing existing aggregate. The concrete is then sealed with a variety of sealers to give it that perfect finish.

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Polished concrete is known for its preference in high traffic areas like warehouses and industrial facilities & for its low cost and super durability, long life and resistance to abrasions and stains. It is now hardly surprising that polished concrete is also the preferred flooring choice in residential, retail and decorative markets.

Polishing concrete is an art and only experienced professionals can achieve the perfect results. For the perfect finish for your project call us today for a free quote.

Concrete polishing is an environmentally friendly alternative for your floors.

Polished concrete is achieved by grinding the surface of the floor.  The more the floor is ground the more the aggregate exposure, keeping in mind that sometimes no matter how many times the concrete is ground,  the aggregate may not fully be exposed and variations can be seen on the same concrete floor.  None the less this adds character to your finished floor.

PC 1:

The floor will be ground to a smooth finish.  This process will remove most existing surface contaminations, cuts  and scratches and may in the process expose some aggregate.

This floor will then be sealed with our environmentally friendly sealers.

PC 2:

The floor will be ground to a smooth finish.  This process will remove existing surface contamination (unless the contaminant has seeped right through the concrete), cuts and scratches.  This process will expose more aggregate.  Whilst we will endeavour to get an even aggregate exposure, we have no control over the existing aggregate in your concrete floor).

Repairs such as filling of cracks, holes and other imperfections in the floor will be carried out by our expert team

This floor will be sealed with our environmentally friendly sealers.

PC 3 –  Hiperfloor:

The concrete will be ground and prepared as per level 2.  However the floor will not be sealed with any sealers.

The sealing of the concrete surface is achieved by mechanically refining the already hard concrete surface through grinding, polishing and chemical densifier treatments.  We can bring virtually any surface to a whole new level of beauty, functionality and strength.


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