Concrete Grinding and Repairs

Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding involves preparing the floor and grinding the concrete to transform the look of the existing floor. We can grind your old or new concrete floor surfaces to a matt or high-gloss finish.  Concrete grinding is commonly used to  prepare the concrete for other sub-floors.

Concrete Repairs

Our concrete repair services include tile pull up and removal.  We remove existing floor tiles and prepare the floor for another subfloor such as tiles, carpet, vinyl, epoxy or timber – or you could just opt to make the concrete your final floor.

If your floor happens to be chipped, cracked or has lost its look because of improperly applied surface coatings, we have good news for you. Since you already have the floor intact, The Floor Prep Team will efficiently remove the epoxy mortar, paint, acrylic and other surface ingredients to restore your concrete floor into a beautifully finished and durable floor.

No matter what the condition of your current floor, we can evaluate and repair it to convert it into the kind of floor you want to see.

We also carry out ceramic tile removal, removal of glue, epoxy and paint, lippage removal, floor leveling, floor stripping, stencil crete removal, surface preparation, smooth sealing and non slip sealing.  We also grind rain damaged concrete to restore it back to its original finish.

Our Services

As one of the largest and most trusted concrete grinders and polishers in North Qld, we have always been appreciated for our fine workmanship and high quality standards. We have the experience of grinding and polishing thousands of square meters of commercial, industrial and domestic flooring.

The Floor Prep Team at Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services are specialists who can provide a range of  state of the art and professional services such as concrete grinding, repairs and polishing for your projects.

Here is a list of  services provided for flooring finishes in commercial, industrial and domestic applications:

▪   Polished Concrete

▪   Concrete Grinding

▪   Ceramic tile removal

▪   Removal of  glue, epoxy and paint

▪   Lippage Removal

▪   Floor Levelling

▪   Floor Stripping

▪   Stencil Crete Removal

▪   Surface Preparation

▪   Smooth sealing and non slip sealing

▪   Grinding of Rain damaged concrete

▪   Supply and installation of carpet, carpet tiles, vinyl, vinyl tiles for domestic, commercial and industrial use.


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