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We are North Qld’s largest and most experienced providers, specialising in polished surfacing, hiperfloor, floor repairs and resurfacing, epoxy coating, anti-slip coating and much more.


Our well-respected team is committed to providing the best in quality workmanship and materials.


Transform your tired old floors into a work of art. Visually pleasing products that are also environmentally friendly, being both cool in summer and warm in winter. Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Call us to discuss further.


Economical with a great finish. A transformation of your flooring that for once, won't break the bank. Our highly regarded service is a great economical alternative to tiles and other floorings. Call us for various options available!

Step into the Future – Walk on State of the Art flooring

Our company has had a hand in servicing Townsville and the surrounding areas with a combined 65 years experience in giving your floors that ‘wow factor.’

We specialise in;
– Concrete Polishing Townsville
– Floor Sealing & Repair
– Anti-slip Treatments
– Epoxy Coatings

We are the experts delivering a beautiful low-maintenance product of the highest standard for residential, commercial and industrial premises.

Our finished products are stylish, eco-friendly and timeless in their appeal.

For a great service that is not only on time but within your budget, call the professionals on 0412 770 359.


What we offer is the perfect flooring material – decorative, durable, cost-effective and stylish. A mechanical grinding and polishing process uses industrial diamonds to cut the top surface and expose the existing aggregate. It is then sealed with a variety of sealers to give it that perfect finish.


For Hiperfloors, the floor is ground to a smooth finish to remove surface contamination, cuts and scratches. Cracks, holes and imperfections are all repaired. The floor surface is then sealed mechanically through grinding, polishing and chemical densifier treatments to give a polished finish.


We can repair, rejuvenate and refurbish your floor, by grinding it and adding a new matte or gloss finish.  We can also prepare new coverings such as tiles, vinyl, carpet, epoxy or timber. 

Whatever the condition of your current situation, we can evaluate and repair it to deliver the floor you want to see.


Epoxy coatings are beautiful and hygienic matched with a durable finish that suits industrial, commercial and residential applications. Renowned for their chemical resistant properties, epoxy coatings bond well to your floors and are capable of withstanding spills from oils, detergents and other contaminants.

For top quality results in Townsville, there is only one company worth considering, and that’s us!